Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing San Diego

Metabolic Testing San Diego

At Hadi Body, El Cajon, we offer metabolic testing as a way to know exactly how many calories your body needs to maintain your target goal weight. Once you reach your goal weight, the only way to precisely know what your body needs is to test your metabolism through metabolic testing.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the process your body takes to convert everything you consume into usable energy. The calories in your food and drink intake combine with oxygen and then releases energy that is necessary for bodily functions.

Your basal metabolic rate, or your metabolism, is the number of calories your body uses in order to perform functions from basic to extreme. Of course, every person and everybody is different, and there are many different factors can determine your basal metabolic rate. These factors include, but are not limited to; sex, age, body size, body mass index, and other such factors.

What Does a Metabolic Test Do?

Through metabolic testing, you are able to calculate how many calories you need to intake in order to maintain a healthy weight. You will also be able to find out your resting metabolic rate, and compare this rate to general and average metabolic rates. This will allow you to modify or change your food intake and activity based on your specific bodily needs.


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